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More than a gym. Through Muay Thai for over 20 years, we foster positive change in a supportive family environment to help members become the best version of themselves. From just getting in shape to training for a title fight, our trainers have the knowledge, skills and years of hands on experience to turn your goals and ambitions into reality. Welcome to Tampa Muay Thai.


I scheduled my free intro, now what?2023-04-14T21:40:51-04:00

Please show up 10min prior to your scheduled session and check in at the front desk. You will be introduced to your trainer, shown where to put your belongings and get started. Please wear comfortable shorts you can kick in and a shirt that doesn’t restrict movement. We will provide you with boxing gloves. Your intro session will be a light workout so bringing some water and not eating a heavy meal prior is a good idea.

I signed up but have no experience, where do I start?2023-04-14T21:41:15-04:00

Our fundamentals classes are a great place to start! There you will learn proper footwork, correct fight posture and the basics you need to advance. The better your fundamentals, the faster your progression.

What gear will I need to train?2023-04-14T21:41:37-04:00

Boxing gloves, shin guards, hand wraps and comfortable shorts. Visit our Pro Shop for the latest gear and everything you need to get started.

How do I wrap my hands?2023-07-10T15:11:13-04:00

Everyone has their own style but look at this video for general guidelines. If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask one of your trainers!

How do I progress?2023-04-14T21:46:38-04:00

In Thailand, a traditional Muay Thai fighter’s progress is measured by their extensive fight record. Unfortunately, we don’t have the luxury of training, eating and sleeping twice a week, 6 days a week; and competing every other weekend.

At Tampa Muay Thai, we follow the Khanomtom 5 level system of progression. Each level builds on the previous and helps students grow in a goal-oriented environment to excel on their Muay Thai journey. Want to know if you’re ready to take the level test? Talk to one of your coaches.

What’re the gym rules/etiquette?2023-04-17T13:00:55-04:00

Scan your key tag upon arrival.

No shoes on the mats.

Always wear shoes when using restroom.

Remove jewelry before training.

Mind your hygiene and keep nails trimmed.

Have your hands wrapped and be ready to train before the class starts.

Wear Thai shorts when training.

How to perform our Wai Kru for level 3 test?2023-06-24T20:57:04-04:00

Have your level 3 test coming up? Below is our gym’s unique Wai Kru ritual that is performed by our fighters prior the commencement of a Muay Thai fight.

What Our Students Are Saying…

“I started going when a friend told me about this awesome gym. For me, a typical gym is not a challenge and is very boring. I have learned so much about self defense while also getting in shape. The instructors are really nice, patient and really impressive fighters. I am NOT training to be a fighter myself, but I have definitely learned a lot about a culture I never knew existed and I’m so glad to be a part of this gym.”


“Spent 6 days training at Tampa Muay Thai while on vacation; great experience… very observant, skilled instructors. Can’t wait to return!”


“TMT embodies Muay Thai spirit. It’s a technique based school with a killer fight team, elite level trainers, and everything from grassroots fundamentals level training to professional fighting.”


“If you are looking for a place to train, Tampa Muay Thai is the right gym. The trainers and and training partners are great!”


“It was fantastic! The teacher was very easy to learn from, he has a great style of teaching muay thai. And the gym is awesome. You have to check it out. Learning muay thai, could save your life. ”


“My experience at TMT has been simply awesome. A very friendly atmosphere and supremely professional staff. Wow, I never expected such a great experience and I’m having a blast with my lessons. Bottom line: I highly recommend TMT.”


“Tampa Muay Thai is a great gym with great people. The atmosphere is great, all of the fighters and trainers are very proficient highly technical and very helpful.”


Schedule My Free Intro

Come in, explore the fundamentals of Muay Thai, check out our gym and share your goals. If you already have experience, call us directly at 813-321-8669. We’re excited to meet and welcome you to Tampa Muay Thai.

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