We live high paced, driven by technology, fueled by the desire to do everything in the shortest amount of time – multitasking is a way of life, not an acquired skill. We spend more time on our phones and computers than we do actually interacting with the world around us. We want to know everything right now, need to have all the answers as quickly as possible, strive to finish whatever task is at hand as soon as it is given.

What happened to us? 

When did it become acceptable or rather, the norm, to expect or demand immediate results or knowledge?

  “Life isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey.” It’s the struggles, the ups and downs, the trips and falls. It’s about standing back up when you hit the bottom, picking yourself up and carrying on in the face of a challenge. It’s about learning and growing. Life isn’t meant to be lived for an Instagram photo or an entry in your fitness log.

Dig a little deep. Remember how you used to play as a child, learn a game, listen to your teachers, run with a friend. You lived right then in the moment, learning and growing, not caring whether or not someone was watching you or if someone snapped the perfect picture. You lived without reservation and without interruption.

There’s a wave of quick fix everything from gyms to diets to education. Martial Arts was never meant to be a quick fix. To learn a Martial Art takes a lifetime. And what’s so wrong about that? What’s wrong with slowly ticking away at something? There is beauty in slowly learning every detail that comes along with any Martial Art, slowly etching away at its very soul so that your own muscles remember what you are learning. There is integrity and passion and confidence and devotion woven into every moment spent learning a Martial Art; why taint the canvas hundreds of practitioners have beautifully colored for hundreds of years with our need to have the perfect technique or the perfect workout right this very moment. I get it. The quick fix workout seems perfect; BAM in, out, kick something here, punch something there, sweat a bit and BAM done- snap a pic, log an hour, and you’re back on track to the million other things you need to do. I’m not knocking the quick fix. I understand we are all very busy humans, but don’t forget to live, to play, to truly envelope yourself into something unknown.

Who knows what you will learn about yourself.

Put your cell phone down. Pencil in a couple hours here and there.

Find your Martial Art and be enthralled by it.

Dive into it.

Find your roots and grow.

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