Jalal moved to Tampa, FL in 1992 for college and studied business management. Discovering Muay Thai in 2001, he fell in love. 7 trips to Thailand and lots of hard work later, a dream became a reality when in 2005 he opened Tampa Muay Thai. In his off time, Jalal fuels (no pun intended) his obsession with anything that has a motor and is an avid motorcycle and classic car collector. Random fact: He grew up playing rugby in the United Kingdom.

Having grown up in the North East, Carissa moved to Florida in 2009. She is a certified Barr Method and Yoga instructor. Carissa joined the Tampa Muay Thai family in 2016 and has been an integral part of our management team ever since. In her free time, she loves to spend time on the water paddle boarding and wakeboarding with her family.

Damian encountered Muay Thai after moving back to the United States from Switzerland in 2003. Spending a few months training in Thailand in 2004 sealed his fate and Muay Thai became an integral part of his life ever since. When not at the gym, you can find him at the beach, playing with his dog or working on some backyard/house/car project. Random fact: He speaks 4 languages!

Our head coach Dato was born in the Democratic Republic of Georgia and started Muay Thai at the age of 15. Over the next decade, he amassed over 140 fights, fighting in Russia and all over Europe before moving to the US in 2012 and joining Tampa Muay Thai. He has since earned the respect of everyone as a coach, a father, a friend and all-around awesome person. When not teaching, you can usually find him taking a nap somewhere. Random fact: When he was young, Dato was on the school physics and math team.

Alex started his Muay Thai journey in 2006 at Tampa Muay Thai. Over the years he amassed almost 40 fights in the US as well as Thailand. With a Muay Femur fighting style he has a high fight IQ and is a strong clincher. In his free time, you can find him flying planes or spending time with the family. A little random fact, Alex lived in Japan and is fluent in Japanese!

After 10 years of Kung Fu in Jamaica, Jason discovered Muay Thai in 2007. Not having to waste time with traditional martial arts hierarchies was refreshing and he fell in love with Muay Thai. He has been a part of our family ever since. He is an absolute beast in the clinch so if you have any clinch questions, Jason is your man! Random fact: Jason is obsessed with Halloween and can do fingertip push-ups!

Anson is one of our OGs. Having started right here at Tampa Muay Thai in 2006, he trained and fought for a few years before pursuing his passion for teaching Muay Thai and MMA. When not at the gym you’ll likely find him somewhere on the water fishing or kayaking.

Born and raised in NY, Jill joined our TMT family in 2011. Instantly hooked, she took off to Thailand to train and fight for a year. Upon return, Jill competed all over the US as well as Canada whilst earning her Yoga Instructor and Health Coach certifications (if you have questions about strength and flexibility, Jill is your girl!). When she’s not at the gym, you can find her frolicking outdoors. Random fact: Jill read all the Harry Potter books. 8 times.

Joey is homegrown, born and raised right here in the sunshine state. He started his Muay Thai journey in 2010 and made his way to TMT via Jax Muay Thai. When not at the gym, Joey spends his time as a barista, playing video games and cooking. Hint: He makes the best orange chicken in town!

Born in Cuba, Ronnie lived in Brazil where he discovered Muay Thai before moving to Florida in 2016. He joined our family in 2020 and has been training, working and fighting for our gym ever since. When not at the gym he takes cares of disabled dogs. Random fact: Ronnie is a Cuban chess champion!

Born and raised in Virginia, Alexa started training BJJ in January of 2022 and fell in love with MMA shortly after. In her free time she likes to lifting heavy things and playing with her Belgian Malinois, aka the meat missile. Need a favor? Bring your girl some sushi!

Alex grew up close to combat sports with wrestling and MMA in his early days but dug his roots deep into Muay Thai after traveling to and fighting in Thailand. This man has a wealth of knowledge on anything movement related and incorporates mobility training in his classes. Fun fact: He’s a professional speaker and facilitates retreats for self-development and personal growth!

Armando is born and raised right here in Florida. In 2010 he started wrestling and in 2016 Discovered Jiu-jitsu. He has since earned his brown belt and approaches Jiu-jitsu with a refreshing teaching style. In his free time he is an avid reptile collector. A Random fact: Armando is a saxophone playing machine!

Dr. John grew up with a fascination for the human body and martial arts. He wrestled in his youth and now actively trains Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This man understands the demands of these sports and there’s no better person to see for recovery, injury, bodywork and everything in between. Fun fact: Jorge Masvidal is one of his clients!

Our official gym security. They’re vicious, just look at those pictures.

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